Weird glitch in Cubase 12, going back in time

Long time Cubase user here. Started around Cubase 3 so not my first rodeo.

Anyways, I’ll be working in Cubase 12 doing my thing and then a sudden glitch and it’s like I’m going back in my timeline like 10 steps, sequences all of a sudden gone, newly made tracks or plugins vanished and it’s like what the heck? I then click through the redo button a bunch of times and everything back but any ideas as to what is triggering?

Happens maybe once every 15/30 minutes so not too easy to duplicate.

Maybe it’s in sync with autosave? I dunno.

Is there a chance you have a remote control that’s inadvertently triggering “undo” commands?

I do have a faderport hooked up. Never did it in past but maybe software getting outdated (it’s the old version)

When it happens, if you go into the Edit History can you see and restore the lost work?

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Yes, it’s like it jumped back magically a bunch of steps in the timeline.

Very sporadic though. Didn’t happen at all yesterday, but did the day before.

I like @Nico5 's theory.

To expand on my theory: :nerd_face:

The “undo” command can be triggered via

  • Key Commands
  • MIDI remote control

So the suspects can include

  • hardware sending MIDI messages - if the hardware is connected via one or more of

    • the MIDI Remote
    • the Generic Remote
    • Mackie Control
    • a component in the Cubase Components folder
  • some other software sending MIDI messages (via a midi loopback program)

  • hardware sending keystrokes

    • Elgato StreamDeck
    • a malfunctioning computer keyboard
    • mis-configured custom keyboard shortcut settings in the operating system or other keystroke utilities
      • AutoHotKey (Windows)
      • PowerToys (Windows)
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