Weird: I created a global START point in project events?

*(( I did solve this myself, at least the fix. I have to open each event in the Editor and drag the start point to it’s original position. This puts the events back to normal. What I do not understand is what caused this to happen? I DID NOT create a new start point in all these tracks by clicking on something or opening the editor. Anybody know why this happened? ))

Hi. I have a project open that I keep open just to sample ideas with, test preamps, other outboard gear and mics. At one point I created an event that was followed by more events, all in one lane. I ultimately decided to edit them within the lane and paste together a demo of sorts. I used scissors and glue.

Here’s where I think I set something in motion but I don’t know what it was? I started to cut sections out of the various events and then merge and glue them back together, (something I have done a thousand times before with no hitch), creating edited versions of the various events. OK, so after a slice/cut with the scissors tool, I next NOTICED A LINE in each event (of the project that I did not place there. It looks like a scissor cut but it is not because I cannot drag the events apart - they are still one event. For example, if I select one event, the entire event will be selected. I have done plenty of cutting and pasting in the past and nothing like this has ever happened.

And here’s the kicker. I was hearing some phase issues, so I copied a particular event (channel 1 lane), pasted it in channel 2 lane, and then tried to align the two using the location feature on one, and then moving the copied event via the EDIT window to line up to the cursor. BUT THE COPIED EVENT LINED UP TO THE CUT LINE IN THE COPIED EVENT, not to the actual start of the event I had copied. Understand? (BTW, what I wanted to do was reverse polarity of the copied event to hear if there was either cancellation of the original event or some overshoot residue.)

WHICH MEANS A START POINT WAS CREATED IN THE EVENT - THAT I DID NOT CREATE. How does this happen and how do you remove the start point? Odd, thing, it translated over to some other save projects. I’m serious. Either that or I have been doing this without noticing it… :confused: Either way, if you can tell me what I am doing wrong I would appreciate it very much.

Can anyone tell me what I did to create this second start line in the original event? It seems to have taken over almost all (but not all) the various events in the project becoming quite global. Did I do this and can I reverse it short of dumping the project? I can scrap the entire project, yes, and it will be no great loss. HOWEVER - if I caused this to happen, I would like to know what it was that I did so that I do not repeat it. I can go back to each event and scissor cut the cut - if you follow - and remove it from the event, but I would rather remove the cut.

Thanks for any help.