Weird issue track still has sound even when there is no event on it

Hi Moderators,

This is not the first time I faced this kind of issue, but I think it may relate to some other issue with audio editing since Cubase 12, so I will describe here:

As the video I attached below, my Solo track Perc(D) contains no audio event, while the track still sound all the deleted event. This happened to me a few times, just suddenly. There is nothing I can do unless restarting Cubase.
Another strange thing maybe relate to this issue: Audio warp and Vari audio sometimes don’t work, even the Lower Zone still shows and let us modify everything, it just won’t change the audio event.
Is there any mistake with audio track freezing or sth? I never use audio freezing.
This may happen to a project contains many audio data, such as a Live Recording Session.

Please consider.

By the way I am on MacBook Pro 2019, OS 11.6.6
All software are licensed and up-to-date.

Thank you and regards.
Le Thanh Tam

I realize my topic was posted at weekkend.
Hopefully someone can check my issue.
Thank you.