Weird issue with Fabfilter ProMB

Tried adding this plugin into master section. Plugin GUI is scrunched up and small. Doesn’t work properly and can’t tweak any parameters. Worked fine in v8 and v8.5. My other Fabfilter plugin (ProL) works fine.

Can you try in 64 bit, if not already the case?

Yeah, I always work in 64bit. The problem exists in both modes. Just tried the plugin in v8 and v8.5 with no issues. Something in v8.5.1 is messing with it.

I have the same issue with Pro-MB with the latest update. Didn’t have any issues in 8 or 8.5, just the latest update. The weird thing is the plugin is compressed to the lower left hand side of the interface. If you mouse over the left side you can grab the components on the interface of Pro-MB, as you move to the right the resolution changes and the mouse position is no longer in the correct position on the interface. Running in 64bit here as well.

I’ve also noticed weird issues with the ASIO hardware plugin. I’ll dig in to that further and report in a different thread. Overall I am extremely disappointed with the latest update. Very buggy for me. It was so bad I had to finish a project I was working on in Cubase which is not the way I prefer to work.

This is extremely irritating and wasn’t an issue with the previous update. So something in this update caused this. I have attached a screenshot. Is there any update on this? This happens regardless of whether the plugin is inserted in the master section or in the clip/track section of the montage.

I had a similar GUI issue with Fab Filter Pro-L GUI in 8.5.10 OSX 64-bit

Running this in the OSX terminal fixed it:

defaults write com.fabfilter.Common GraphicsAcceleration 0

Fab Filter also sent me these possible fixes:

Could you try the following and see if it fixes this:

If not, could you try to disable graphics acceleration and see if that does the trick?

Jperkinski, Thanks. I’ll have a look at those when I get back to the studio next week. It’s just frustrating that Wavelab is the ONLY program that consistently has issues like this. I have quite a few different audio and DAW programs and none of them give me the headaches Wavelab gives me with weird inconsistencies and random crashes. It would just be nice to have some stability for a change.

Yes, I also use Pro Tools 11 and Logic Pro and pretty much never see plugin GUI issues, I can’t remember the last time I saw an issue.

Maybe some of the 3rd party plugins are not 100% within spec, but Wavelab seems to be the most sensitive to this kind of thing. With Wavelab, odd plugin GUI has become something I am just used to seeing now.

PG has done some fixing on the Wavelab side for a few issues I’ve reported but I wonder how other apps like Logic and Pro Tools can appear so much more stable with plugin GUI. Maybe VST isn’t given the same amount of attention as AU and RTAS/AAX. I don’t have any other apps that use VST as a comparison.

I tried the defaults write com.fabfilter.Common GraphicsAcceleration 0 terminal fix and this has got the plugin working again. Not sure what I am missing out on by turning the graphics acceleration off. At least I can start using v8.5 now! But yes, I agree that Wavelab does seem to through up issues with VST plugins that no other DAW does.

A little performance - marginal in this usage. This fix (which is often useful for other programs, by the way - I have to do it to get correct font rendering in FireFox, for instance) generally indicates a video driver fault. No blame should be ascribed to either WaveLab or the plugin, I would say - the combination just happens to expose a fault elsewhere.


You say no blame then then it was working fine before the last update! Seems both Fabfilter and Wavelab are aware of the issue:

there seems to be the same bug with all the fabfilter plugins. minimise the fabfilter window then maximise it again and everything should work again.