Weird line-spacing behaviour in text-frames

If you type some text in a text frame using the Default Paragraph style, but then change the font size locally, I have found that any blank lines that you create by clicking Return twice remain the same size as specified in the Paragraph style: in other words, they don’t keep in step with the locally-altered font size.

So, for example, I have some text-frame text in a locally-altered 7.5 font-size, but any blank lines I create have a height of 12, as specified in the Default Paragraph style. To achieve blank lines of the same size as the text, I had to create a new Para style (based on Default) and set the font-size project-wide to 7.5.

Is this a bug or a feature?

Welcome to the forum, Ben – Good question.

I tried out a few things and I note the same results with the regular space character. But, interestingly, I can make the line spacing match with a tab or a non-breaking space.

I’ll try that! Sounds like a more elegant solution to the anomaly than creating loads of derived paragraph styles.


Yes, this happens if you make the text smaller than the default, but not if you make it larger:


Here’s an increased font size:

Screenshot 4

This is true for text frames and text objects.

I suspect it’s therefore a bug.

If it is a bug, it’s a bug in Qt’s text document handling, not in Dorico. Dorico treats this kind of text object as a single paragraph of text, and it’s simply inserting a line separator character without any other change of formatting.

I think it would be a good idea to define your own paragraph styles with the desired size rather than overriding the size in this way, but adding a non-breaking space to the empty line will certainly work.

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Thanks Daniel!