Weird message when opening file

I made a file with the latest version of Dorico 4.2 and saved it on my NAS. After I opened this file with Dorico-for-iPad (and immediately closed it again) I get the following message when I open this file again in Dorico 4.2

This suggests that I can mutilate my file just by opening it in Dorico-for-iPad.
I assume this is not the case, but it is strange.
Anyone seen this too?

Groet, Marien

If you are running the current TestFlight version of Dorico for iPad, then you have a slightly later project file format than Dorico 4.2 for macOS and Windows. It’s nothing to worry about.

Hi Daniel,

Maybe you’re right and I don’t need to worry, but I do.
I find it very annoying when a program changes files unsolicited.
I want to determine that myself.

Groet, Marien

When the topic at hand is “anything to do with Dorico”, and the advice-giver is Daniel Spreadbury, I would personally take that advice and be very reassured by it :slight_smile:

When you close a project in Dorico for iPad, it will be saved. That’s why it can end up with a slightly later file version than Dorico on your desktop.