Weird metering in C6 plugs?

Is there a known issue/reason that the metering ballistics would be really uselessly sputtery on higher buffer settings? No third party metering is affected-obviously, it lag a tad…but, of I call up like the Vintage compressor or deEsser, I get weirdness where it will show no gain reduction…and then quickly blip way down and “freeze” and then nothing…meanwhile, it IS compressing properly, but the metering becomes useless. The channel ballistics work fine. It’s just in various built in insert plugs.

HIgh buffer? How high? … and ‘low’ buffer - no problem?

I’ll set it back down and check…generally 1024. Definitely happens there…I may go higher occasionally…problem is, I’ve got to do a test project. No way these current mixes would play at 128 or 64, which is what I run this machine doing soft synth work.

I guess I was wondering if I’m alone with this…it didn’t used to be an issue on the box doing midi/VI work.