Weird Midi Import Issue

Hello Forum,

Small issue i can’t seem to solve:

I import a midi file and the VST won’t play the notes, yet when i insert a note in the same midi file only that not will be played/is heard.

How can i solve this?

Here’s a video of the issue:



What MIDI Channel does the track use? What MIDI Channel are using the MIDI Notes?

Not sure what you mean?
The midi channel is going to an VST instrument, but the vst instrument is ignoring the imported MIDI notes as you can see; but it does read the notes i put in by hand.



Is it an Instrument track, or a MIDI Track? Is the MIDI Channel of the track set to any specific MIDI Channel or to Any? My idea is, if it would be set to MIDI Channel “Any”, the MIDI notes which don’t play, are sent on the MIDI Channel, where is no sound loaded in the VSTi.

Could you provide some screenshots, please?

It would be more helpful if you can show us a list view of the midi notes (list editor)