Weird music font with Iconica Sketch

Hi. I decided to create a simple project using Iconica Sketch sounds, just to see what it sounds like and what it can do.
I set up a string ensemble and when I started writing it can up with this:
Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 3.46.14 PM

I tried changing the font style and it worked fine. When I went back to Bravura it simply showed the font as it was suppose to be when first writing into the score.
Is this a bug of the program, HALion, Iconica Sketch, my computer?
Any ideas?

Here’s the project file
ICONICA SKETCH Project sample.dorico (890.8 KB)

Another thing I’m noticing is that even though all strings playback fine, when I click on a single note for the Violin I, there is no sound. whereas for the rest of the instruments when doing the same, there’s sound.

Are you worried about the time signatures? If so, on the Time Signatures page of Layout Options, set Time signature design to Normal.

Hi Daniel,
No the concern isn’t the time signature; it’s the notes themselves, as illustrated in the screen shot. The font is Bravura, but what you see, as far as I know, is not Bravura.

Check your noteheads in Library Manager you will see you have selected a non standard set…

Reset it and all will be well.

I understand what you’re saying and I will check this, as you point out, but I never made any changes to the noteheads before starting to score the piece.