Weird new VCA Fader Behavior: Number Inputs Relative to VCA Value

I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature but if it’s a feature, is there a way to turn it off?

When using a VCA fader on a few tracks, if you try to adjust the actual track’s volume using the parameter input, the numbers you type are added (or subtracted) from the VCA fader track’s volume level instead of just being used for the track’s fader level. If you use the slider with your mouse it behaves normally.

Maybe this is how VCA faders are supposed to work; I don’t know, but it’s different than Cubase 12 or 11. I’m using a VCA to automate some volume changes but I want to be able to control the starting volume without automation so I can easily just mess with the value and my automation will all be relative to that.

Here’s a visual example:

  1. The track volume is -6.5 and the VCA is set to +3.5:

  2. I click on the box and enter “-3.5” expecting the value to change to -3.5:.

  3. But instead I get this: The volume changes to 0.00 instead of what I typed. It subtracted what I typed from the VCA Fader volume and used that instead:

The problem I have is that this just doesn’t make sense from a user interface perspective. If you type a value into a parameter box, it should contain the exact value you typed and not some extrapolated value. This especially doesn’t work for me because I have automation on the VCA fader and that’s the whole point so if I try changing the value like this, the rest of my automation doesn’t make sense because it’s all relative to this starting volume.


Confirmed and reported to Steinberg. Thank you.