Weird order of flow titles

Please have a look into the attached Dorico file: I have two MA-frames on one page which contain several flows. Allthough the music in these frames has the right order, the flow titles seem to change its order randomly. It should be flow 1 to 6 in the left column and 7 to 11 in the right column.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong or what’s going on?

Einfache Drum Patterns (440 KB)

Quite simply, automated Flow Headings pull the Project Info from the “nearest” flow - in any direction, but it’s easy to confuse the system. They aren’t sufficiently stable to use where you have multiple columns on one page. You’ll need to manually add text frames and then specify exact tokens, e.g. {@flow1Title@} for Flow 1, {@flow4Title@} for Flow 4 etc.

Thank you, pianoleo.
That explains, why the order of flow titles changes randomly when I change the size of some objects on the page. It changes what is “nearest”.