Weird part selection bug? Resolved - Just me!

I cannot figure this out and is causing a major slowdown in my workflow…a complete stop really.

Anyone have this happen? Here is what’s going on. I did record a video…will try to find a way to share if needed.

I’m working on a piece with a lot of midi parts. I record in a new part on a track with Zebra2. Once I have finished recording it when I click on the part it also selects another part in the arrangement…in this case another Zebra instrument. It also is happening with other tracks…one with Zebra and another with Kontakt.

This make it impossible to isolate the newly recorded part for editing!

Any clues?

Cubase 8.5, OSX 10.10.5, 16g Ram, Mac Mini 2.6ghz i7.


Possibly you have the ‘Group Editing’ function activated. It’s the button on your folder track with two horizontal lines (you may have to go to Track Control Settings and make sure this button is not hidden.

Group Editing was it! I must have hit the key command by accident and never expected what was happening.

Yep, same thing happened to me a while back and I thought it was a bug but then figured out what had happened.

Woah…That is a good shout! Thanks. (helped me as well) :smiley: