Weird playback dynamics in v 5.1.10

After upgrading to 5.1.10 playback dynamics became flawed with many abrupt changes that is not written in the score. I have tried many different playback templates, but they all show the same problems. So I have a strong feeling this is Dorico related, especially since this happened very specifically after upgrading to v 5.1.10. The video here is with NP 4, which is my preferred PT for most of my work. Anyone with similar experiences?

Hi @BendicoE you didn’t specify if this happens only in a particular project or in all projects. If the first case is true, can you share a cut-down version of the project so that someone can try to see what is happening?

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I’ve tested a few other projects, and so far it seems as it is just this project. Sadly, it’s a 42 min, 6 movements work, so rewriting is not an option of course. I’m uploading a short sample that demonstrates the problems quite clearly. I hope it’s reproducible on other systems, and not my Mac Pro that is the problem. Any help and ideas appreciated! As I said, my PT is the latest Noteperformer 4, (standard sounds) here.
Chiaroscuro Sample.dorico (1.5 MB)

It plays without problem here (D5.1.10, NP, Win10)

Thanks for trying, much appreciated :+1: So it looks like it’s going to be a bit harder to find the cause then. So, nothing strange with the oboe dynamics if you play from say bar 19 and a few bars forth? I notice now that the dynamics varies a little bit each time I play it, but there are always abrupt swells to at least forte in odd places, where my score indicates mp. It seems it also depends on which bar I start from. Puzzling issue, indeed. (I’m running on a top spec’ed 2021 Mac Pro with a UAD apollo x8p audio interface, so I doubt that the hardware has anything to do with it.)

Could there be some setting, expression map or something that I could try resetting? I’ve tried everything that I could think of, like “Reset Playback Overrides”, switching back and forth between playback templates, closing and reopening, etc.

Here’s the audio export I get. I don’t hear anything at odds with the score.

there are some occasions with certain libraries where dynamics don’t “take” immediately and from this point of view, it will depend on where you start in the score. However, I’ve never come across this in NotePerformer which is not very demanding in terms of system resources and the oboe sounds exactly what I’d expect with NP from bar 19 (although it’s rather too quiet relative to the orchestra but that’s not the issue here).

Will be interested in whether you find Janus’ audio sounds OK to your ears.

@Janus thanks for taking the time to check and make an audio file, I really appreciate it! Yes, it sounds fine, I only find that playback has started to “chop off” the note at the end of some of the legato bows. But that’s not a really big problem. I will have to do some more testing, modifying and re-save, and test different playback templates. Thank you all for helping so far, I will get back in this thread after my 2w vacation and update on how its going.