Weird positioning of popovers


Please have a look @ these 2 pics (they are just examples). In the first pic you can see the cue-popover and in the very top of the screen the list of instruments. In the second pic you see something similar: the displaying options (score/galley) far away from the button.

This is a quite new habit since I bought a good monitor for better work (BenQ PD 2700Q).

Is there a possibility to solve this issue?

Yes, unfortunately there are some bugs in the Qt application framework upon which Dorico relies when you have certain arrangements of multiple displays. On my own system, which is a MacBook Pro with an external display, arranged such that the external display is at the same horizontal level as the built-in display and to its right, I never see this problem, but I know that especially if there is a vertical offset between the displays in the arrangement, that increases the likelihood that you’ll see this problem.

Thanks for your comment, Daniel! I have quite the same arrangement like you (MacBook Pro on the right side of the external display). With my former display Dorico didn’t show any positioning quirks, it just appears with my new monitor.