Weird problem with mixer console and tracks

I’m working on a tutorial project that isn’t mine, and I have a weird behavior that I haven’t seen before. There are certain tracks that are where they should be in the project window, but completely out of order in the mixer console. Usually both have the same order, especially when “Sync Mixconsole and Project” is enabled.

But it’s not happening here for some reason. In the screenshot, you can see that the last track in the Synth section is where it should be in the project pane, but in the mixer pane below (which shows the same order as the separate mixer window) is completely out of place. And this is just one, there are others like that, separated from the rest but fine in the project pane.

I tried everything, but no success. Any suggestions?

Can you check if it is the same in the full mixer window?

Yes, like I said, it shows the same thing in the mixer window.

Your screenshot shows not the mixer window, it shows the lower zone mixer pane.
That’s why I ask.

What happens if you execute “Show all channels” in the mix console?
That could be different from show all tracks.

Nothing changes.

There are numbers associated with the channels, these numbers define the order.
In your screenshot, the Omnisphere channels are numbered 1-6, but the last one is numbered 74.
That’s the order in the mix console.

But I have no idea how to change that.
It needs further investigation.