Weird quaver beaming and chord notes broken of tail

Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong with either of these issues in Dorico Elements. (I am an experienced Cubase pro user but very new to Dorico).

Quaver issue:
quaver problem
I am trying to make these quavers beamed as triplets as they are in 6/8 (the piece has a 6/8 time signature at the start which does not change as far as I can see) but when I try to make them beamed they break up and one quaver had a strange straight flag.

Notated chord issue:
chord problem
I am just wondering why the notes of the chord in the treble clef at the start of the bar are not all on one tail like the chord at the end of the bar and how I can fix this?
Similar problem here with the two quaver chords at the end of the bar:
chord problem 2

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Select the notes, Right click>Beaming>Reset Beaming would probably work.

The top note is in a different voice from the bottom two. (You can check by turning on View>Note Rests and Colors>Voice colors or checking the status bar - bottom left of window) You can can change a notes voice by selecting it and using right-click>Voices>Change voice. To change a lot of notes from one voice to another, select the relevant bars, filter to select the voice of interest (right-click>filter>voices…) first.

Thank you so much for your help Janus. Very much appreciated. Both issues turned out to be about voicing like you said. I followed your advice about changing the voices and both problems are now fixed. :slight_smile: