Weird Routing Issue

I have a project that indicates that all audio tracks are being routed to Stereo Out and I can see the level on the Stereo Out fader, but I can hear no sound unless I select [L] listen on the Stereo Out…
All other associated projects play audio back correctly without the need to select [L] on the Stereo Out.

Any idea what could be wrong here? (Could well be pilot error!)

Are you using Control room? Can you take jpg from your routing/connections window? (F4)

This project was originally recorded using Cubase SX5 and simply opened in N11. I’m wondering if there is some incompatibility between the two. However, other projects from the same SX5 sessions open and playback correctly.

I think I’ve found a solution. If I copy a track to a newly created empty track then the audio plays correctly on the new track. There must be some issue when opening some old SX5 projects in N11.

That’s most likely a corrupted project, this issue happens very rarely though.