Weird silence at the end of the measure

Hey there!
I’m experiencing something really odd. When I enter notes onto this measure (see attached image), it appears a dotted 1/1024th silence at the end of the measure, in each of the voices—I’ve made them disappear to have it clearer, but believe me, they are still there hahaha. What is actually happening?


Was this imported as an XML? I have seen something similar in a recent import.

Yep, you’re right. This score has a passage full of tuplets like that, but it happens only with 9:8 tuplets.

The bar length was probably imported incorrectly due to some arithmetic problems in the original MusicXML file. You should be able to use Insert mode to delete the extra time, though you will then have some fixing up to do with the positions of barlines afterwards.

Well, what I simply did was to delete that measure and create another one and rewrite again its content. I tried what you said, but Dorico didn’t “delete” that strange silence over there.

Thanks, anyway!

If it helps to report…

I have seen a few times where the Playhead is set to the beginning of the bar and in playback the first note is skipped. It was the first bar of the score so it was easy to verify with the “return to beginning” button. I eventually created a new file, so it’s not a problem for me now. But I thought I’d share the experience here in case it helps shed more light on any potential issues.


When I experienced this problem, the extra rests could not be deleted with BACKSPACE or DEL keys. I finally isolated the rests in their own unmeasured bar (which took some doing) and then was able to delete the unwanted measure with SHIFT+B -1.