Weird Solo Behaviour

Have you tried enabling Virgin Territories ?
When it is disabled, the automation data is written on the full duration of the track initially, but if you enable it, data will get written only where you record automation, and the other part will be empty.
If there is data and it still is in Read mode, isn’t is obvious that this data is being read and actually changing the button values accordingly ?

@Gzzr actually gave the clue in their own post.

And additionally, there are two Solo modes, the standard mode, when just clicking, and the exclusive mode, with Ctrl-Click. With this latter, only the Soloed track will get Solo, and the others will turn to Mute, even it they were Solo, and, when you get out of Solo on that same exclusive Solo track, all the tracks will turn to Mute, including that one.
So, maybe the Solo automation is actually recording an “exclusive Solo” data, even when you do a simple Click, without Ctrl.

In my case I have no Solo automation and I still can’t use the Solo button in a project where I have automated mutes without all channels getting muted after the track is unsoloed. Never happens to me in Pro Tools, Logic or Studio One.

Thanks to Louis R and MusicDude - I’ll experiment with Virgin Territories idea. The ‘bug’ may be recording ‘exclusve Solo’ data in ‘normal’ mode.

Just chiming in here… I ran into this issue yesterday. The track where I’d automated mutes would solo along with any other track that I tried to solo.
(and some other oddness that I didn’t wrap my head around)

Rendering and disactivating the track was my workaround. In the future I’ll just automate volume.