Weird solo behaviour

Could someone please explain why mute automation should override the use of the solo function?

When I solo a certain track I still hear other tracks that are “opened” by their mute automation. If I solo a track I want to hear it ALONE. Am I missing out some setting that makes this possible?

This “feature” makes exporting a soloed track with send fx complicated, as I have to turn off the mute automation on the other tracks.

I have read in old posts that the solo behaviour functioned “as expected”, but can anyone seriously tell me why this system would be of any use?

Thanks and regards,



Because this is not Solo exclusive. This is just add another track to the Soloed tracks.

To enable exclusive Solo, use Ctrl/Cmd + click to the Solo button.

Thanks for your kind answer. Unfortunately this does not work if there is mute automation on other tracks.