Weird sounds from Snare Line

Hello Dorico Forums,

I was assigned a rhythm practice with 5 percussive instruments, I decided to write this on snare line. After I finished I realized that every snare was making different sounds, the last one for example plays as toms? Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

Thanks in Advance,
Ian Hook

Rhythm Study Practice.dorico (616.5 KB)

I don’t hear toms, I hear 5 snare drums on my machine, using Halion as you did.

What I do hear, is part of Dorico and part of Halion. I believe that Dorico is “humanizing” the music, so you are getting uneven dynamics over the rhythm. Some of the notes that are accented (that probably shouldn’t be) are playing more snare drum tone (without snare sound),similar but not quite like having the snares turned off. I still hear the snares, but I hear accented notes have less of that snare sound.

Do you have another sound library? When I use Noteperformer you can hear a lot of the concert snare drum sound, but I can still hear some accented notes where none are written. I think the tom sound you are hearing has to do with the snare drum sample quality, and Dorico applying a humanization quality bringing some notes out when maybe it shouldn’t.


I do not unfortunately have another library. Here’s the audio too, just to make sure we’re hearing the same thing.

Yeah, I’m hearing pretty much the same thing. I hear the snare drum sound in that. At times, I agree it sounds like a snare with the snares turned off (or barely touching the snare head), and at other times I hear that “pop” sound similar to a bad flam being played. But all of it to me is a snare drum sound.

I think this is due to the quality of the snare sound sample in Halion. Unfortunately, I am not sure if there is much you can you can do. I think the one sample is covering all instances of the instruments and it perhaps chokes up at times. I am not deeply into the playback part, but to my ears I hear a snare drum, sometimes a snare drum with little snare sound, and a ton of “popping” flams.

I know this isn’t much of a help, nor any answers. But I think this goes back to the humanization aspect of Dorico and the quality of the sound sample from Halion.