weirdest midi track / metronome behaviour...

Hi all,

so I’m really dumbfounded by this one…
I got a midi bass track, quantized, all fine. I change the tempo, the bass notes get displaced in the grid…??? :astonished: Never seen that one before, ever! The notes seem to be shifted randomly, as if stretched by trying to somewhat adapt to a new tempo and completely leaving the grid!
So I change back to the original tempo, all fine again. I then change the secondary time display, from seconds to TC, and suddenly the metronome is totally off, athough the notes are ok in the grid… :astonished: I keep switching between the time display modes, suddenly it’s all back to normal again :open_mouth:
Either my brain is still sleeping and I’m missing something big time here, or it’s the weirdest bug I’ve seen, or I’ve some serious voodoo going on on this tune…
Can anyone either reproduce this or tell me what I’m missing?


Are you using Linear or Musical mode for your MIDI track.

Hi bentley,

many thanks, that solved it!
I must have accidentally triggered the linear mode, and the button was hidden…

that was the closest to hallucination I’ve come for today … :mrgreen: