Weirdly long appoggiatura.

I have a few bars on a viola ensemble staff that look like this:

In the Play tab, they look like this:

Note that the appoggiatura at the beginning of the second bar weirdly translates to a full two beats, effectively truncating the note that it embellishes to two beats instead of four.

I’m not seeing anything set in the properties of the grace note that would explain this.

Is this expected behavior for Dorico?

By default “long” appoggiaturas play for half the duration of the main note in Dorico. The tied notes in Dorico are considered to be one long note.

If you set the Playback End Offset for the appoggiatura to 0, it will play back for its written length (which is presumably what you want). If you want a different length, you can adjust the End Offset. Dorico uses 480 ticks per quarter note

Thank you, Mr. Tuley! You’re practically a one-stop resource. :slight_smile: