Well done!

Lately I’ve written often to report problems or request features.

With this post I would like to tell you about my positive experiences regarding the use of “live” in my live shows. In the last few days I’ve been using it intensively in various concerts, some with the use of MIDI modules and external keyboards, others exclusively based on Virtual Instruments.
“Live” has never crashed, has never given signs of instability, has always done its job very well and I’m fully satisfied!

I thank the Team for working hard, for accepting the suggestions and for understanding the needs of so many of us.

Great job guys, thank you very much!


@Italyuser, thank you very much for your wonderful feedback! A perfect message for the beginning of the week :slight_smile:

See you,

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Hi! How can I submit a request?

… you can add it here or start a new topic with a title “Feature Request: abc”


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Hi there! I would like to request 2 features
First one: Can you make the nudge feature work when you select an audio event without cutting it?
Let me explain when you select an audio event you can move the selection with the comp tool but if you decide to nudge it you have to cut it in order to work other wise the nudge buttons will only move the selection length but not the actual audio event

Second: I do lots of latin percussion editing and i invest countless hours doing it for different studios, looking at the white numbers on time displays and different values can be tiring after hours.
Is it possible to let us add like a green color as we want to all this numbers to make it easy on the eye?

So you don’t have to look at it directly? When numbers are green for example you can see it without even looking at it and is so much easier on the eye. And I understand you probably have all this numbers in white due to people that are color blind and that’s awesome but how many color blind are there in reality? At least let us be able to add color if we want it to make it easy to look at.

… it sounds like you are talking about Cubase requests, @Johnny_Diaz? Please visit the Cubase section of this forum. In this area we are talking about the product “VST Live”.

See you,