Well I wanted to try it but...

I’m not getting an email with activation code and download link for the trial version of 3.5 Pro. I don’t think the system is working right. :confused: It’s not in my Spam folder either.

Hoping that someone from Steinberg will see this post and look into it.

Hi - I believe the v3.5 Trial isn’t quite ready yet… The previous v3.1 trial at the website is removed in anticipation… It shouldn’t be long now; usually only a few weeks after a major product launch.

Its likely to coincide with the first maintenance update, such that the Trial edition will include solutions for those initial ‘niggles’ found/reported in the main release. Again, this may not be long in coming.

In the discover dorico session last week paul mentioned that the trial was a few days off.

Thanks for that both of you. The page for the trial is actually up (https://new.steinberg.net/dorico/trial/) so I guess I’ll try later.

Apologies - I stand corrected; its announced that the Trial edition for Dorico v3.5 is now available… the webpage you pointed out, should be working… :wink:

Sadly, it’s still not working for me :cry:

Same here. No email with activation code. Tried several times.

I’m pretty sure the trial is not available if you are a Dorico user already, in that case it says it will email you the activation code and does not actually do anything. At least, that has been my experience with Steinberg’s trials in the past.

Well it must be confusing me with an existing user then.

Update: Daniel PM’d me an activation code, but I still don’t have a download link.

I don’t think you need a special download link… All Dorico apps are the same, it’s the licensing that changes (from se, Elements or Pro), so simply download the Steinberg Download Assistant, and there you’ll find the whole Dorico collection…

OK, all is revealed…am downloading it now - thanks for the help.

Any time!

As an existing Dorico user, you can request a trial for any newer version of Dorico, but for each version of Dorico that is released (2.0, 3.0, 3.5, etc.) you can only receive a single activation code for a single MySteinberg account.

If you want a Dorico 3.5 trial and for whatever reason you can’t get a code, you can request one from me either by sending me a direct message here, or by emailing me.

I’m a Cubase user and wanted to try out Dorico. Tried several times, but no email, no activation code. Something is wrong with your site.
Would you send me one directly? Thanks in advance.

Please check your private message inbox, JoPiano.