Well, THAT'S new!

I installed VST Studio Connect Pro to run with N6.5.35. No problems there. But I didn’t have a web cam. So I purchased a Logitech C525 and installed it about 3 hours ago. Since then, whenever I start Nuendo I get this error message saying that the video engine has stopped. :open_mouth:
Nuendo 6.5 Video Engine Error Message.jpg
I select the option to search for a solution online and it corrects itself and Nuendo then launches without any further issues (so far). The ONLY thing that’s changed in my setup is the addition of the web cam. Why is that screwing up Nuendo’s video engine and how do I make these two get along? :question:

…I select the option to search for a solution online and it corrects itself and Nuendo then launches without any further issues (so far)

Interesting that it corrects when you go on-line - maybe a good avenue to explore [having a web browser open before starting Nuendo, looking at your web setting both on PC and in Studio connect pro]. I am about to look into using this myself so I watch with anticipation.

I THINK it has to do with being plugged into a USB hub. My PC is in a machine room on the other side of the wall. So, without a USB extension cord, I can’t reach the computer. The USB hub was my closest connection and that got the camera connected to the PC.

For some reason, I never got the NEW DEVICE CONNECTED message when I plugged it in. So, I had to check the device manager to see if the PC even saw it. Once I saw it listed, I launched N6.5 to see if it worked and you know how that turned out from the opening thread.

Windows did an automatic update and re-booted the PC. When it re-started, I got the message saying that it saw the Logitech camera and had some associated software to install. Great! I installed it and launched N6.5 again. Still got the video engine crashed message (which resolved itself). But this time, the camera didn’t light up(???)!

I closed N6.5 and launched VST Connect Pro directly. The camera lit up for a second and turned right back off. But every attempt opened the flash drives in the same hub. So, I’m going to buy a USB extension cord and do a direct connection to see if that solves the problem.

Get something like this and be done with usb extension troubles. My machines are on a machine room and most passive usb extension cables I’ve found turned to be faulty after a while. Sometimes BSOD can be caused by these as well.

Okay, I got the USB extension cord. The good news is that VST Connect Pro started up directly with no problem and the Logitech web cam worked just fine. The bad news is there was no change when I launched N6.5. I got the same Video Engine Crash issue.
Nuendo 6.5 Video Engine Error Message 02.jpg
N6.5 opened and VST Connect now saw the web cam in it’s directory (so, it’s working again). But how do I stop the video engine from crashing on each Nuendo launch?!!?

Thanks for the tip. But, so far, I’ve never had a problem with the extension cord before. But even if I used the converters you suggest, how many work group switches would I end up having to purchase to handle all of those cat-5 connections? I have loads of USB devices connected, hence the need for the hub. How did you make this work?

I bought 3 of these kind of adapters.
They have a power plug on the receivers. Then you can use them as you would with a normal usb connector.
1 is used with a usb hub for a wireless keyboard and mouse + external dvd burner + occasional external storage ;
1 is used for motu midi express 128 (4 midi keyboards and 3 fader controllers) ;
1 is used for a wireless keyboard and mouse (second Daw).

But if your passive usb extension works, hey, keep it.

Have you tried to test the Webcam plugged straight on the comp to troubleshoot ?

Yeah, that’s the first thing I tried. It worked great with VST SC Pro in stand alone mode. It is only when I open Nuendo that I get the video engine crash. I don’t understand how the web cam is effecting it.

Maybe the Webcam driver software installed a video or audio component that nuendo is sensistive to.

I’ve found a work-around. If I unplug the web cam and launch N6.5, it opens up normally. Then I plug in the web cam and launch it inside of Nuendo. It works and I don’t have that video engine crash when I start a session. It’s rather annoying to have to do that. But I’ve lost count of all the work-arounds required to work with DAW/Computer recording. So, unless an actual solution shows up, I guess this is how it will have to work,

I did reach out to the VST SC Forum to see if they had any ideas on how to fix this. But, so far, no replies. In any case, thanks to those of you who offered help.

Ok, it will not help you, but for years, I had bought a Logitech Webcam. On installation process, the routine install tons of software without ask me. My system (not my DAW, other pc) was full of things I don’t need. The deinstallation of these whole sh** was very complicated if I remember correctly. At the end, I install the cam driver from INet only and buy no more Logitech stuff …

You’re wrong about this not helping me. That’s good information to know. I will definitely keep that in mind for next time! Thanks!!

What I do know from installing 2 logitec Webcams on the same computer is that I also ran into problems.
After a search on different fora, I found out that one Logitec Webcam “consumes” pretty much the entire bandwith of a USB connection. As soon as I put the two webcams on different USB feeds to the host computer, my problem was instantly gone.