Well This Is Embarrassing...

Hey Folks,

I received my boxed version of Cubase 9.5 today. Did the install using all default options, downloaded my licence to the USB stick, and activated it on the website successfully. Now I can’t find Cubase on my PC (Windows 10). If I run the installer again, choosing either search for updates or not, it simply shows that everything is already installed.

A search on my PC for “Steinberg” brings up:

“ASIO Generic Lower Latency Driver…”
“Steinberg Download Assistant”
“Steinberg HALion Library Manager”

What am I missing?


“c:\program files\Steinberg” should have Cubase folders under it.
Look up exe-file and make a shortcut(rightclick and send to desktop, if that option exist).
Try and start there, maybe?

Seems weird enough that no shortcuts exist, either in Start menu or on desktop. I don’t think I ever had to make a shortcut to Cubase.

But what I had, was at Cubase 9 or so - you could not have any theme active - or it says to fix that - but icons has always been there.

Did you install as one user - and then login as another, or similar?
That can give you another desktop that does not have the shortcuts.

I think there are options in installer to install as all users or just you.
This means that corresponding data folders for running Cubase are under “C:\Users<you>” or “c:\Users\All Users” somewhere.
But both should be searched by Windows and give you shortcuts.

So remaining explanation is logging in as two different users - the way I see it - then your desktop will only have what logged in user has available.

press windows button, type cubase and hit enter

Thanks for all the info, I managed to figure out the issue.

I was installing Cubase on an 2ndary HD, not my ‘C’ drive. Apparently, this doesnt work. I was installing all the components EXCEPT Cubase. So I ran the installer on my C drive, all is good now.

To that point, though, why is this the case? I prefer to utilize my C drive for only the OS. Obviously I can choose to save all my session data wherever I want, but one would think in almost 2019 you would be able to install anywhere.