Well, THIS is new (???????)

I need to revive a 12 year old song from a TV spot. I had archived the data onto DVDs. I pulled open the project which was still on the PC but had no wave files. I re-loaded the wave files onto the drive and pointed the project to the data. So far so, so good. Everything lined up like it was supposed to and I’m ready to go.

I hit play and get NO SOUND. The N4 leds are showing plenty of signal on the channels, groups and outputs. But nothing is passing through my RME Raydat to the desk.

I checked the connections. All as they should be. I checked the clocks. All synched to the Big Ben at 48K. Every part of this equation is optimal EXCEPT NO SOUND coming through the desk!(???)!

I closed the project and imported the tracks into a new project and the sound came out clear as a bell but out of synch. I didn’t want to spend 2 hours lining the tracks up again. So I tried a mass copy and paste to hold the synch into the new project window. All the tracks lined up perfectly as they were in the original. But now NO SOUND AGAIN! I’m stumped. What’s left to check? Anybody else had this happen?

Never mind. Rebooting Nuendo brought the sound back. I wonder why it “selectively stopped” in the first place? That was just plain weird! This ever happen to anybody else?

I’ve had this happen to me on many occasions, and it is usually when the previous project has utilized a different output buss/Control Room config to the current one.
The only way I have found to get around this is to simply open VST Connections & save output & CR presets (5.1, 5.1 & stereo, 5.1 with meters etc) and likewise set output presets. Then, whenever I load a project & this happens I simply go to the VST Connections & load a saved preset in the correct config & all works again.

I know it’s a workaround, but it seems to solve the problem (I also use RME Hardware - do not know if this is related or not)