Were is the record in editor "Record button"?

I want to enable record in Editor, for some reason, even though I’m showing all on the top I do not see the record button anyone help ?

I Followed this - Recording in MIDI Editors

I do not see the Record button on my system ?
Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 10.45.13

Are you talking about the “record in Editor” button or the “record” button? The first one is actually the one shown in your screenshot, the red one. The second one is usually on the transport panel (F2), or you can just use the keyboard shortcut (I think Num+* is the default, but I am not sure) to start recording.

Screenshot is something I’ve seen on YouTube I do not have the red button is what I’m missing

right-click on the toolbar and make sure “Default Items” is selected.

thats it! thank you , I though as I had all selected it would cover that . very odd it doesn’t