Were is your settings file kept

Where is the file that keeps all info of your settings e.g I want to keep the list of songs that come up in recent (as in songs)

Answer’s in the Knowledge Base.

If thats an answer where in the knowledge base is it?

Self explanatory, if you’d bother to look.

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Settings are in the Application Data Folder which you can get to via the shortcut in the Start Menu (no idea on Mac). You should back this up regularly. The file I’ve found to be most important to keep safe is “Defaults.xml”, where you will find the MRU list - search for “GRecentDocumentPaths”. Other files, depending on what parts of the system you use and modify frequently, will be fairly self-apparent once you’ve had a good look around. If you’re not sure which files are changed when you do something, do something then look at the timestamps.

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A big thankyou, been looking for this for a long time. Not even the guys at steinberg could not tell me where to find it.
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You are most welcome, sir. I’ve had my tribulations with this place too but I’ve also had so much help from the good souls that float about here and I try to give back what I can. After all, what goes around comes around, doesn’t it?

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Just had a more serious thought about this, about why you need to keep your backups up-to-date. Cubase rewrites at least some and maybe more of these files when it closes. If it crashes - a rarity here but others are less fortunate - you can end up with partial files and lose the settings they contain.