Westone Thunder IA Bass Guitar Wiring

The in/out/turny knob on my Westone Thunder IA Bass spun in its location and a wire became detached. I think the wire belongs on that switch rather than having been wrenched from somewhere else. The wire is the black internal of the 4-core coming from the pickup. The other 3 cores are red, brown and orange and they attach to the in/out bit of the switch above the pot as per photo. It is usually easy to tell which bit it detached from by witness marks but in this case it’s hard to tell if it’s come from the grounding terminal as there’s other stuff soldered there [pink arrow]. There are empty switch tangs but no solder evidence on those.
](https://postimg.org/image/mwng4gt09/)photo sharing[/img]

It has active circuitry (2 batteries worth of iut!!) so I don’t want to go joining the wrong bits. Does any one happen to know the wiring on these?
PS I’ve looked online but this is single pickup (dual coil) and does not seem to match the diagrams I found so may be UK version??


It is not that diagram?

Hi Teff
All sorted now and featured in new project. Thank you for your input. I think it is like those but I have no white (drawn green) wire from the pickup. Because I had orange instead and a single piggyback pickup I just had to be sure there wasn’t another diagram for my version. I am told it is late type III.