Wet/Dry Mix at the host level for all FX

Hi there,

I have come back to Cubase from Reaper and I really miss the wet/dry knob that Reaper has for all plugins as some plugins I use don’t have that functionality built in.

I know I can achieve the same thing with routing, but that is extra effort and time which takes me out of my flow.

It would be amazing if this could be something added to Cubase.



+1 I really wish it did too

If the developers ever do end up overhauling the plugin system, I would hope they take a look at Ableton’s plugin system for things like the audio effect rack, which allows for multiple lanes of parallel processing all contained within one Ableton track. Sure, you could probably accomplish the same sorts of things in Cubase but it would either require more than one track or something like ddmf metapplugin. Workflow wise it aint anywhere close to Ableton’s plugin workflow.

Dont get me wrong though I am just getting into Cubase and it is quickly becoming my favorite DAW for many features, just not for plugin management and routing.