What about a take list?

It doesn’t look like the new C6 take feature has anything like this unless i missed it but I could see the benefit of having a take list where you can comp a track but also be able to store alternate comps to be recalled.
This is not something i would always use but i think it could be very handy when you need it…

Example you comp a guitar solo and you have a couple different comps and your not sure which one you like better and would like them both stored for later consideration. I know you could save as a different session or duplicate the track etc. but something a little more streamlined would be slick.


in this case you use the “Bounce selection” feature and save your selections.



Hi Chris,
I don’t know if you guys have it in your Future stuff to look into so here’s the request.

When that “bounce” is performed, it would be nice if the bounce of a comped set of takes went to a list (kind of a sub-pool accessible from the lane instead of having to open the pool).

Having comp lists that is easily accessible from the track is VERY powerful. Please consider. :smiley:

EDIT: And to accentuate the positive … The new comping process looks great!

Other ‘workaround’ is to duplicate the track and delete the other takes…


the “new” way is much straight forward I think. Improvements can “always” been made. But i think customers should first start to work with it and have a closer look to it.



Yea I hear you and did think of that as I posted this. Cubases take system is killer in my book and anything better is a bonus but i do like to keep the takes and lanes intact as I work on a song and don’t want to deal with bouncing or more tracks. Not the end of the world

As Chris says, straightforwrd is good for me, and I’d want to work with the “new way” to see what works for me. It looks much more streamlined in terms of take selection.

At the moment I duplicate the track, work on a comp, rub out unwanted bits, then bounce.
go back to the original track, duplicate again, perform 2nd comp, rub out, bounce.

result: all the original takes in track 1, comp A in track 2, Comp B in track 3, etc. Lined up next to each other.

Not happy? Comp the comps, or start from fresh with the original takes in track 1. Simples.

Works for me at the moment, but then that’s the way I’ve always done it. Another list/mini pool or whatever would seem unnecessary. all the stuff is still there right next to each other and laid out on a time grid. I’d probably try it if it was there though.

But first, I’m keen to see if/how C6’s new comping will change that :slight_smile: