What about a unified content manager in Cubase?

I’m in the middle of reinstalling my box meaning for the audio stuff work as it did last week before I began essentially.
And … there is a lot of jumping around in different GUIs with a Steinberg logo on just to get things straightened out. <<- understatment

For the sake of modern UI/UX what about a unified content manager with:

Download assistant
Library manager
Activation manager
eLicenser (deprecated)

you could argue it would be a good idea to have an in-line version inside Cubase as well.
you could argue it would be a good idea to rewrite the whole preference/studio/audio connections GUIs into one.
you could argue you could smash all of them into one ball of hot lava and call it the Cubase Manager inside Cubase.
you could argue there should be an almost identical Steinberg manager for e.g. HALion owners with no interest in Cubendo.

There are pros and cons …

At this moment in time I wouldn’t mind to have one big unified manager where I could install all my Steinberg Absolute programs and more.
It would be great to also have a button inside the plugin manager at every plugin and just register it instead of RESTARTING CUBASE! In 2023? XD

But I won’t argue if I can get a humongous library of Roland TR-808 kick drums instead.

Can’t argue with that one now? :innocent: :rofl:

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I’m with you on the unified authorization/library/install manager, I’ve asked for that before in one of the C12 release threads, and the answer from Steinberg was that they plan to do that (no timeline, of course)

Also, yes, one dialog for all settings/studio/audio connections. the whole audio setup is so complicated, you see it by the threads here on this forum that especially new users are overwhelmed by it.

?? “Register”? You don’t need to register a plugin in cubase, just install it. Not sure what you mean.

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No, hehe, not register it in that sense. More like an already running Cubase could have a button for each plugin and register it in the sense getting aware of it so Cubase knows it as a program and some means to update the plugins in realtime… Nothing about Steinberg.
But if it’s on Steinberg’s radar it’s a step forward. Great info!

Anything to make the Cubase experience just 1% more consistent, imo.


Hello Howling Ulf,

I catch your drift … but allow me …

As I read this first sentence of your post I can only hear a chaotic brain uttering words.
Sorry to tell you, but you are not alone on the world and the software developers have to cater for a lot of users/user profiles, computers, OS versions etc …
So you may want to move this post to the ‘Lounge’ section of the forum.

No hard feelings hey fellow,
I understood you are in the rhythm section, right? Cheers!

P.S. I perform a clean Windows install at least once a year, so I do know about the experience you are going through now. And it shouldn’t hurt :wink:

Someone on the interwebs is wrong again, right?

No clue what this is supposed to mean, but I’ll stay away from your post. Promised.

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Wrong , your right . +1 for the all in one thingy , but we are on the first generation of the for ever evolving new licencing system , so hopefully by Cubase 808.00 it will; be implemented :joy:

Exactly what i thought about your previous post

Yeah, maybe so, but I’d like to have a button per plugin if you have recently installed something and maybe there is an issue I don’t want to sit there and wait x number of times for the plugin manager to scan all of it. And a long time ago this was a pretty frail part of Cubase and it more often than not led to unpredictable results, so that’s my memory of it. I mean think of it in this larger unified content manager and it makes more sense to have full control in a new and shiny too.
Now we’re looking to the … f u t u r e !!! :sunglasses: :laughing:

Yeah, I bet it’s a much more stable process in 2023 than when I used it last time. But that wasn’t the point. The point was to have all the info available for any one plugin you need to tweak or whatever instead of having to search for it at around 3/4 of the way towards the end of your 421 long list. Nail it to the top until you’re done? :grinning: :ok_hand:

You’re talking about what’s there now. I’m talking about a feature request, a unified content manager in Cubase, like in the title of this topic.