What about Cubase 11 users who want to update to Cubase 12?

I already own cubase 11 last year. But I want to upgrade it to cubase 12 in this cyberweek sale. But there is no option for cubase 11 users for upgrade. Or is it free from cubase 11 → 12?

“But there is no option for cubase 11 users for upgrade.”

Correct, C11 owners who are NOT in the C12 grace period PAY for the upgrade to C12.

You will PAY for C12 Upgrade.

So why it is not available now?

Hello. It is not available now, because C12 comes in 2022.

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Most probably means the people that bought C11 from day one get shafted by having to pay full update price while the people that weren’t interested in C11 and use and abuse the grace period get away with buying at a fraction of the price , but we won’t know until next year

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