What about import/export of LRC files into/from Lyrics module?


LRC files are tagged text files, each line starting by [mm:ss.xx]. They are easily created by lrcgenerator.com, a free web app I wrote a few years ago and by various other apps. Importing LRC files into VST Live could be really time saving, and exporting them in the same format could allow their use in other programs, and edition in any text editor.

Of course, this would probably require a time to bars conversion, but maybe it’s worth it.

Thank you for reading!



I would very much welcome the import/export of LRC files. Indeed, version 1.3.10 only has a small input window for the Lyric row. This is very impractical and time-consuming.
In addition, lines (with larger font) are not rendered in their entirety!

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… that’s very interesting. We’ll investigate it and get back to you. Thank you.

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