What about using GitHub to organize feature requests?

I strongly suggest Steinberg to open a GitHub repo with issue reporter for Dorico so that people could sent their issue reports and feature requests there. GitHub allow repo managers to make multiple tags per issue. For Steinberg forum, it uses PHPBB and it is not designed as an effective collector for both feature requests and issue reports.

P.S.: This is to distinguish these useful reports from massive complaints (whatever reasonable or not), saving Dorico team a bunch of time from gathering useful feedbacks.

Thanks, ShikiSuen, but we already have a good system internally for tracking requests, tasks, and bugs, and we’re happy to cull said requests from this forum and other existing avenues by which customers can contact us.

I am aware of your internal bug tracking system prior to writing this thread. As I see it, your internal bug tracking system is something similar to Apple Developer Bug Report; meanwhile, what I suggested (GitHub) is something similar to Open Radar. The essence of coming up with an alternative public place is to allow people publicly discuss most feature requests prior to making it mature enough to be seriously considered by Steinberg.

I would prefer that we try to keep the discussion focused around fewer places, not more. There is already this forum, two dedicated Facebook groups and a number of tangentially-related ones, our support team, a Yahoo! mailing list, Twitter, etc., etc.

This leads to the approach of modifying the forum functionalities. I personally prefer MyBB (its topic-prefix function looks wonderful to me, alongside with its design similar to VBulletin 3.x) in lieu of PHPBB; However, I awared (years ago) that the PHPBB used for Steinberg has been tweaked in connection with users’ MySteinberg accounts, leading to possible essense of keeping on using PHPBB. In such case, the PHPBB used for Steinberg forum needs functional implementation such as adding either tag or sorting prefix to topics.

This software is vastly superior to what MakeMusic has been trying to switch to. I’d preferto see time on this forum helping people learn the new Dorico software rather than trying to reorganize Steinberg’s business model.

I wonder what percentage of Dorico’s total intended user base even know what a GitHub repo is. Sure, some subgroups of that user base will probably know, but how big are they compared with the total?

From the view of a simple bug reporter, the GitHub issue tracker per repo looks like a forum. However, it is far more organizable from the repo operators’ perspective.

Nevertheless, Daniel rejected this idea. Thus, keep on using PHPBB and suggest Steinberg to add topic-tag function to this forum.