What about Win 10?

Hi Guys!

I’m on a win7 PC… But recently I went to a friend’s house to install him win7 on a new 7th Gen Intel Processor and I had a few problems! (will not talk about them right here right now unless someone wants me to… but I don’t know if it has a point… and nothing related to audio problems)

Luckily that’s not my case (I mean a 7th Gen), but I started to wonder what do you guys think about win10 regarding Audio… since I’m not brave enough to try it myself… but maybe it’s time, since for what I’ve read, we may have no choice, and so less in the near future :frowning:… (if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, muthaf…!)… If 7th Gen Intels don’t support win 7, I can’t imagine an 8th Gen will…

I’ve read bad things about it, but nothing regarding Audio Environments… and good things about things you can do in 10 you can’t in 7… but are they useful for audio?

Any insights, most welcome!

Thanks, and a Big Slap-Echoed-Sounding Hug!


I figure that any app that uses a digital audio interface is pretty much independent of the OS. So the performance of Cubase plus an RME fireface would mostly depend on the quality of the RME fireface and its drivers, which are pretty good. If Win10 has any impact on audio processing, I’d think it would have to do with how well it serves the software doing the processing. I looked at benchmarks for fixed point arithmetic and media processing before choosing my CPU and OS. I concluded that Win10 was no worse than other windows versions for our kind of work, and that it was probably marginally better.

Running Win 10 64 with RME UFX here with no problems. Rock Solid.

What about it? It’s probably the OS that Steinberg targets first and foremost for Windows.

Windows 10 has some new low latency audio possibilities I believe, which you won’t need with ASIO. The thin window borders look nice in Cubase. You can read the title bar easier than on Windows 7. I’m out of things to say.

Officially Microsoft does not support the new generation Intel cpu’s on Windows 7 and older.
But it is not like any software will suddenly break.
Been on Windows 10 since it was officially released, no problems, feels snappier, less tweaks to get good audio performance.
It is always online, and always updated.

Hey Peakae, I have a 7th gen pc I built strictly for music production. I started with Windows 8 when I built it but managed to upgrade to 10. Before I upgraded I ensured that all my programs, apps, and gear would work because we played this game before and sometimes we lose a thing or 2. Everything went pretty well this time. I have been using it for a few months and I have no complaints except Cubase crashes often when closing the app. But when I think about that, I think it may have crashed in 8 as well. Anyway I was closing it so who cares. It works fine if you open it again. I am only online for updates because it is my studio computer, but so far so good. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey, my computer use win 10 , too. And I have no problems with audio like what you worried about…
When I change my WIndow version from WIn 7 64bit to WIn 10, I know your anxious thing. But win 10 is really impressive, I have to say that.
When I install win 7 i have to care about driver, but on win 10, you dont have to do that, they are full of driver. Easy to use.
But there is a problem, it’s window update, I can’t turn it off, so trouble here…