What am I doing wrong?

Hi all, I’m trying to record a midi arrangement as an audio file in C6 Artist as my synth is running out of headroom . I was thinking it would be a case of assigning the outputs of the relevant VST intstrument track to the inputs of the Audio track I want to record to, but this doesn’t seem possible as Outputs cannot be assigned as Inputs on another channel. How should this be done?


Out of VST Instrument channel into group, out of group into audio track. Not connected output set up in VST Connections could sub for group.

Take a look at the fine manual (or even better: a read) according to that, recording from busses is a Cubase only feature.

Thanks man. I tried this but again, the Audio track won’t let me assign the Group track as an input. It’s not an option. Looks like the fact I only spent however many hundreds of pounds on the “cheap” version of Cubase means I’ll have to try routing it out of the DAW into some other software. :imp:

“File - Export - audiomixdown”, will also work - even on the cheap version of Cubase.

It would, however my Synth that is generating the sounds (Access Virus Snow) comes up with the message ‘offline rendering is not supported… please use the realtime rendering functionality provided by your host’ when I try this! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Does your version not have it? In the full version it’s a tickable option (towards the bottom right) in the Export dialog. You can also tick the Import options at the bottom to automatically pull the results into the project.

I’m not sure how Artist works, but if you have VST Connections, you can create a bunch of dummy VST Outputs and assign the bogus output as the in of an audio track. That is actually how I do it all the time.

See if this helps

Eureka! It works! Thanks man! I presumed ‘realtime rendering process’ was the technique I was trying to achieve in the OP rather than a function in the settings!

Thanks again. :stuck_out_tongue:

As someone wrote already, it´s a Cubase only feature…

Frankly, I’m surprised it needed this. The only time I’ve had to do it real-time is when I’m bouncing an external instrument, which stands to reason. Perhaps it’s just a peculiarity of that VST you’re using. Try doing it with one of the Cubase VSTs and see if you can do the same without real-time set, then you’ll know.

The Virus TI Snow is an external instrument which pretends to be a VSTi due to its TI (Total Integration) feature. However, from time to time its real nature shines through, for example on export/mixdown.

Exactly. It’s a hardware synth that connects via USB rather than midi. They provide a software interface to program with making it look and act like a VSTi in a DAW, but requiring very little PC hardware resource to operate. I’m sure regular VSTi’s wouldn’t need to convert in ‘real-time’