What am I licensed to use in Cubase Artist 12?

When purchasing Artist 12, is there a list of components am I licensed to use? I’m asking because I was looking around and Groove Agent wouldn’t load as I’m unlicensed to use it. Are there no other drum options to use as part of the default Artist 12 package?

Attaching a screenshot of what I’ve installed; thanks in advance.

Your license include Groove Agent SE. (The full version of Groove Agent is not included in any of the Cubase editions.)

This might help:

Ok so I’ve got Groove Agent SE installed but even starting with a simple 80s drum set gives me errors of files missing.

Is there any easy way to fix all this?

I’m not familiar with the specific file missing in your screenshot. Is it from a content set?
Do you know you have the file(s) on your computer that GA is saying is missing?

I think the issue here is that the VST sounds are not getting installed correctly using the Download Assistant. .

What forum should I post in about software installation errors?

This smells a bit like a permission Mac thing.
I can’t help you, but hopefully someone more familiar with OS X will chime in, @Martin.Jirsak perhaps?

This forum is fine.


Could you try to right-click the VST Sound folder and choose the Show Info option. Down in the Info window, there is the Sharing & Permission tab. Do you have permission to write to this folder, please?

Hi Martin, here are the permissions. The account I’m showing is an admin user on the machine and installations still do not work correctly.


What happens, if you set the Read & Write permissions to wheel and everyone too, please?

What you need to do is go to System Settings/Privacy & Security/Full Disk Access & make sure that Steinberg Download Assistant & Steinberg Library Manager are both listed and enabled. If they are not listed add then via the + at the bottom.

This is on Ventura with the new system settings layout, so you may have to dig around/search in previous MacOS for ‘Full Disk Access’

I completely removed all software and content and did a reinstallation. Everything is working fine now, though there were some stragglers in GA whose file paths I had to manually find when Cubase was starting up.