What Am I Overlooking ?

I’m trying to employ a simple VCA grouping for the first time ( In Nuendo ) on 6 DX traxs.
Audio channels are “shift-selected " and thus highlighted in the mix window.
Now I am searching for the " add vca to selected tracks”. I’m right clicking on a the selected track , but for the life of me I can not find that choice !
Add VCA fader=yes, add Group/fx channel =yes.
Where is that bloody option ??

And…is there a way to superimpose / overlay automation data and waveform on a single audio track in project ???
Painful to use yet another project lane just for that…

All these might be just holiday hangover, but really…I am overlooking something obvious ?
Please slap me out of it,

Thanx in advance

This stumped me too. I did it through the mixer (there is a VCA section that you can view), selecting all the tracks I wanted to link to the VCA (kind of like groups or sends).


And that seem to be the only way to create a VCA group ?
I would simply like to link my audio channels and with a single command add a VCA master to them .

Happy New Year all :smiley:

That’s how Routing, Groups, Sends work at the moment so it does at least fit in with that idea.

I certainly think it would be a nice option if it could be done the way you suggest for any type of ‘group’ assignment - like VCAs.

Hey fenderchris

I was not “suggesting”…simply looking for the command
From the Nuendo 7 Operation Manual :

Creating VCA Faders for a Selection of Channels
You can select several channels and automatically create and connect a VCA fader.
You can also connect VCA faders to a selection of channels using the VCA rack.
1.Select several channels in the MixConsole.
2.Right-click one of the selected channels.
3.In the context menu, select Add VCA Fader to Selected Channels

This is also shown in the N7 new features video.
Yes, there is the other way…display in mixer rack section, click each selected channels and add them one by one.
Is this just me ? Why not the simple quick method ?

Have a great 2016 :slight_smile:
Sorry > edit < the video was actually Cubase 8 . Too bad.

As I wrote to “lemix” via PM on Gearslutz, where I wasn’t banned by the corporation, there is a feature request on this issue.

There’s also this request.

Further more, there’s this message from Timo:

So, as far as I see it, we currently don’t really know if it’s supposed to be implemented or if the documentation is incorrect. I’m guessing that on the map but delayed. No reason why it wouldn’t be included if it worked at one point… I could be wrong of course.

He he…
Yes I do recall that whole shenanigan :astonished:

I now have 7.035 in and using it. The track context menu does not have that option, period.
The manual in this case is incorrect and that led me to searching hi & low and posting here.
However, all this doesn’t stop me to continue using the software.

Had a few days off during the holidays and decided to update my old and dusty PT license to 12.4 for the last minute special grab.
Their VCA is functioning fully and so far is solid. Mute, coalesce working.
And choices for waveform and automation data display on a single audio lane is so bloody useful.
Downside to this is, I’ll now have to relearn the whole workflow and key commands all over.

Sometimes I miss the good old analog studio days… :wink:

Ohhh :astonished: …thanx Headlands

I no longer waste half a day looking for it.
Yes, we can link through yet another rack item for more clutter. But in a short test I did, it does what it supposed to do…until you need to merge linked tracks own auto data with the one of the VCA’s . !! :angry:
Looking for another item in the VCA fader context drop down ( per user manual) = nada.

Here again the Steinberg promo info is misleading, causing more time wasting and a frustration.
Why Oh Why is the second maintenance update couldn’t catch that ?
Please some one correct me if I’m off on this…it would be appreciated.
N7 VCA fader support.JPG

Never mind…resolved as posted in the VCA issues thread.
To access the functions you’ll have to go up in the plugins plane…yet another misplaced and not so logical function.
Why they’re keep doing this ?
To claim “new” workflow improvements ? :confused:

To mass assign selected channels in Nuendo to a VCA [or any parameter, including EQ, plug ins, etc…]:

  • Select the channels you want to assign
  • Open your mixer window [F3]
  • Make sure that VCA is listed in your “Rack”
  • Pull down the VCA rack listing by clicking on VCA [just like opening the insert or routing listing]
  • Hold Shift+ALT [do not let go]
  • On one of your selected channels, select a VCA to bind that channel to.
  • Release Shift+ALT

All selected channels should now be members of that VCA and working properly.

I hope this helps!
Good luck,