What ar the limitations of AI? AI8 specifically...

So I’m downloading this free software bundled with a UR22. Meanwhile, I read in one thread that AI7 was limited to 8 audio tracks and that’s it.
Is it the same in AI8?

Anything else that would make someone not even bother to install it and just move along? :-/
(Example - exporting file type limits).

Does anyone have a comparison chart of AI vs LE vs the others which do have comparison charts? Or just a list of things that brick wall the usage?

Hello Sandpiper,

Cubase AI allows for 16 mono audio tracks (8 stereo), 48 MIDI tracks, 16 instrument tracks, 4 insert slots, 8 VST instrument slots.

Thanks so much - another quick question - I read somewhere AI doesn’t allows one to export to MP3 without buying something extra (plug-in)? Is this true - can it export to AIFF?

Hello Sandpiper,

You can export .wav or aiff in AI, however outside the full versions of Cubase 8 Pro, Nuendo 6.5 and Wavelab 8.5, the Mp3 encoder comes only as a demo license with Cubase LE/AI/Elements and Wavelab LE/Elements and Sequel. You will need to purchase the Mp3 upgrade patch to have a full license allowing you to export Mp3’s from inside your application.


The MP3 encoder with Cubase Elements 8 is no longer restricted.


Yes, my apologies (old habit) that was a recent update when the Cubase Elements 8 version was released about a month ago. So you would only need to purchase the upgrade to Elements 8 to be able to use the MPEG 1 Layer 3 encoding beyond the demo license.

I have just purchased a Yamaha Motif XF6 WH which has the activation code for Cubase AI.
I already have the full Cubase 7.5, and AI 6 & 7.
I presume this would be a download for AI 8 and is it worth getting to the full 7.5 version?


Yes, if you are running of your license for Cubase 7.5 the Mp3 License is included. If you are running AI6 or 7 alone it would not be included on it’s own.

Another difference for AI 8 compared to Artist / Pro versions is the Lane and version support for tracks. The comping function is limited in AI 8.