What are .csh files generated in project folder?

I like to save my projects in increments as the project grows, so the first version is named 01.cpr, the second 02.cpr, so on, I save often so currently I have a project up to file 23.cpr, however I noticed that starting at number 15, cubase also created a .csh file in the same folder with the same name, so I also have 15.csh, 16.csh… up to 23.csh. These files are light, just 17KB each, but it’s the first time I see them. I wonder what I did in my project for these to show up, does anybody know if these are safe to delete or how to prevent then from being created? Thanks

Okay I’ll answer myself…
It seems these .csh files contain info about the offline processing you’ve applied to your audio files. If you select these audio files and then “Audio > Make Direct Online Processing Permanent”, now the the processed audio file are saved as a new wav files and no more .csh files are generated when saving the projects. Hope it helps and sorry, you learn something new about cubase every day