What are some good free arpeggiators that i can download and where are good drum loops?

I am still getting used to cubase and would like some good sounds and vsts etc.
Just trying to make some chase music for my composition on cubase elements 9 and was looking for a good arpeggiator. Got any recommendations? Also, i need some free drum wav files (rhythm beds?) for the chase scene where would be the best place to find them?


I don’t have any specific suggestions. But the Audio Product Database at KVR Audio is a great resource for discovering what’s out there.

Ive found a few but my fav so far being Monkeypod Music. Its like 5 bucks a month but you get like 200 samples, mostly drums. and theyre not cheap sounding. plus you can ask for custom beats for no extra money. my buddy showed it to me and they actually trn around quickly.