What are some good tutorials to watch

What are some good tutorials to watch to move around in cubase as smooth as it is in protools. I am a steinberg family man I always loved their products. Im just trying to advance myself to get on a pro user’s level so all links are welcomed and we can pick eachothers minds 1 luv to all my cubase 6 users. Just let me know some great short cut tutorials that will help me get even faster thanks fam!

You can start with the ones that come on the install DVDs

Steiny’s youtube channel.

These look really good: https://www.askvideo.com/index.php?cPath=97

A bunch of free ones can be found here as well: http://www.cubasetutorials.com/

I’ve been checking out the new Cubase 6 tutorials from Groove3:

Tutorial Videos for Steinberg Products.

There is a lot of very good information in these for those ‘new’ to Cubase (and probably those ‘not so new’). :mrgreen:

These are 50% off at the moment (not sure how long the sale runs).

I have no affiliation with Groove3 (other than being a satisfied customer).


Thanks guys I appreciate all the advice yall gave me it helped me out a ton I already went through the start up tutorials i wanted some advance stuff I think i got it from the groove3 tutorials and the ask videos thanks 1s again