What are some of your favorite macros?

I know you guys write a lot of cool macros to speed up your work flow. I was wondering what some of them were. Care to share?

My most used macro is quite simple, it’s “Audio - Decrement Event Volume” six times in a row (a 6 dB drop). I use it when importing music from a commercial library to get the music to a volume level more conducive to mixing against VO as the libraries master their music like pop albums.


I love a macro that mimics fairlight mfx style copy and paste.

Set sync point
Cut (or copy)

Then there is one that creates a new empty track with the track settings/routing:

Duplicate track
Select all on track

( I am not at the daw so I might get the names wrong)

  1. Edit Stereo Out Channel Settings (Assigned to Alt+F1)
    Process Project Logical Editor - Select Stereo Out
    Edit - Edit Channel Settings

This will bring up the stereo out channel edit settings window with one move.
For this to work, the stereo out needs to be visible in the project window and it needs to be placed outside of the folder it usually shows up in. Then you need to modify a Project Logical Editor Preset. Once I figured that out I changed all my templates so this would work. Very handy indeed.

  1. Export to MP3 (Assigned to Alt+F2)
    Edit - Solo
    Edit - Select all on tracks
    Transport - Locators to selection
    File - Export Audio Mixdown

I often need to export/convert many mixes to mp3 format. After importing all the mixes to separate channels, all I need to do is make sure the channel I want to export is selected and then hit the key command. Make the settings in the export window and I’m done, on to the next file/track.

Check out the tips and tricks thread below, I believe there were some macros listed in that thread.

My favourite is quite simple. Assigned to the “T” key.

Preferences - Event Display - Colorize Event Background
Preferences - Event Display - Transparent Events

This toggles the Waveform look from Coloured Background and Solid dark waveform to
Transparent Background and Coloured Waveforms.

This is great when the colour yellow shows up with white text and I can’t read it or I’m editing drums and I can clearly see the grid beneath. Looks cool too.

I made a macro for dialogue editing, although it improves my workflow for many other functions as well.

i switch to my range tool (2) and make a selection, hit: ; or ’ and it cuts the range, decreases the range by 2 or 3 DB, and switches back to my selection tool (1)

Attached is a pic of what it looks like, with all the necessary functions:
macro snip.PNG

This takes a couple of minutes to program but has been incredibly useful:

I use what is (at least to me) a very useful variation on your theme. It enables me to select any Range and raise or lower the gain of just that range with a single key stroke. Excellent for instance, for manual De’essing. So quick and superior to De’esser plugins. But also lets you massage vocals syllable by syllable or instruments if wanted much quicker than drawing Automation and/or without having to cut the file.

Pick a small audio file. Just cut a snippet and Bounce Selection if you need to. Select and Right Click on that audio and use Edit > Process to reduce the Gain -3dB. You may have to also add another step and reduce the Gain 0 dB again to “fool” Nuendo into seeing this a valid Batch/Macro source. More on that later. Of course, you can use any dB value you prefer and/or make more than one set. Once done select “Create Batch” and name it. Undo the changes to the audio file.

Now do the same for Gain + 3dB and name it. Now go to Key Commands > Batch Process, pick the Batch Processes you just made and assign to a Key Command. Five minutes spent, max.

I hope this works for you peeps. I love it. BTW, Cubase cannot do this with Batch Process…only Nuendo. It’s one of the things that keeps me here.

WOW. I love this one Getalife2 !!!
My most used one is to cut a piece of edited event to an “edit point” marker
When recording VOs for radio commercials often good sentences/words are spread across the timeline.
Just highlight the one , press the button and it moves the event to the marker, and moves the marker to the next position. Rinse and repeat.