What are the 7 "clef presets" in dorico elements?

Hello everybody. I tried searching for this topic but I didn’t get very far.

I would just like to know if the 7 clefs in elements include the main C-clefs. Soprano, alto, tenor or C1, C3 and C4 if you like those terms.

I just got done with my trial of dorico and I liked it a lot. I can only afford the elements version for now. The C clefs are pretty critical for me because I transcribe a lot of 18th century manuscripts and woe betide he who changeth Durante’s clef.

Thanks, and best wishes,

Welcome to the forum, Josh. The clefs included in Elements are treble G clef, bass F clef, tenor C clef, alto C clef, treble G clef with 8 below, two unpitched percussion clefs, 4-string tab and 6-string tab clefs. That’s actually 9 of course! So we need to update that entry in the comparison, which I’ll make a note to do.

Unfortunately the C1 (soprano), C2, and C5 clefs (and also F3 and F5) are only in Pro.

Another little nit-pick: the “4-string Tab” icon shows a 5-line staff, not 4 :slight_smile:

We can of course provide a Dorico project with those clef changes created in it, and you could copy and paste them from that project into your own projects as needed.