What are the differences between Cubase AI 7 and Elements 7?

I just upgraded from Cubase AI 7 to Cubase Elements 7 for 39.99 euro, but I don’t see any difference in functionality. Could someone enlighten me please? The Cubase product comparison page only lists the differences between Pro 8, Artist 8, and Elements 7.

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I upgraded the same as you. The differences I have noted so far have been that there are 16 audio tracks now, instead of 8. There are a larger number of possible midi tracks also.

In addition there are a larger number of sounds and effects with the Halion Sonic midi. I also think there are a greater number of effects you can apply to your music.

I’ve yet to find more as I’m pretty much still doing and initial exploration myself, though I am sure there are quite a few extras. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply McMatt. I was hoping for more functional extras, rather than just a few extra tracks and effects. But I’ve downloaded the Pro 8 trial so giving that a whirl now.