What are the included plug ins on Cubase AI 7?

I’d like to know what are those 28 plug ins that come with Cubase AI. Is the Vintage Compressor included?

Can I update Cubase AI from 7 to 8?


Here you can find comparison list of plug-ins in Cubase Pro/Artist/Elements. Cubase AI contains even less plug-ins, then Elements.

If I’m right, there is only VST Dynamics plug-in in Cubase AI, which contains Compressor.

Hi, Martin. Thanks for your answer. I’ve checked the link you provided. And now my software is activaded, and took a good look on the channel processing. Thank you!

There’s a whole list in the effects column once you’ve chosen a project and then add an insert (which is a plugin or effect)…if that’s what you mean…an effect or plugin…