What are the sections of cubase called?

I try to find my way in the user manual but I can’t figure out what names goes with which part. For example when I’m reading about loading vst presets it says:

Select the track that contains the VST instrument and in the “Inspector”, click the “Programs field”.

I don’t know what the “Inspector” is neither the “Program field”. Where can I learn what each section in cubase is called?

The “Inspector” is a panel in the left hand part of the screen.

You may find the index in the PDF version of the Operation Manual helpful in understanding these concepts, which can be found in the online manual repository.

Thank you that’s helpful. So there are no specific section where you can read all the names of each part?

Not that I’m aware of - though if you find out differently, update the thread!

Well the OPs Manual does for each major Cubase Window show what the different elements of the Window are named. For example the very first page about the Project Window (C10 Ops Manual Pg. 38) shows an image of the Window and labels the various sections. Additionally if you look in the index for “Inspector” the first entry takes you to a detailed description (Pg. 54) that is also illustrated. So it is not like the information isn’t available or super hard to find.

That said new folks are confronted with a lot of jargon, both general for audio engineering and also Cubase specific. So it is easy to get swamped - especially starting off.

If Cubase could do one thing to drastically improve their documentation it would be to double or triple the number of entries in the index. But even in its current state the index is invaluable in answering these sorts of questions. Currently many items that should be in the index are not and the only way to find them is by searching the PDF (I think the PDF is much easier to find info in than the online version even though the content is pretty much the same). And while that can be a drag it will often get you an answer faster than asking here.